KBPL products are not only innovative but also very cost effective compared to conventional methods/products. Pavers for instance are convenient alternative to cement casting of roads and pathways wherein the cost saving is almost 30%. The road, parking area, pathway thus made is immediately usable, easily maintainable and in varied designs and colours all of which is not possible with cement casting (PCC).

KBPL has a modern plant with a well maintained laboratory for various tests prescribed for pavers.

advantages of pavers

1. Easy to handle & install, long lasting, maintanace free, simple to repair by replacing

2. Highly economical, cost 25% less than any conventional concrete casting

3. Multiple colours & patterns helps create interesting designs on paved areas

4. Immediate usage of paved area need no setting & curing time

5. High compressive strength can withstand heavy load

6. Sand filled gaps withstand very efficient horizontal stress due to moving vehicles